Understand Berlin’s most complex history

On this tour, we follow themes of the origins of the Nazi regime, the crystallization of the Holocaust from ideas to terrible reality, the experience of Berliners during WWII, focusing on the end battlefield in 1945, and the fate of Hitler and his core enablers.

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Today as we explore Berlin’s darkest history, we strip away the speculative and traverse a sober landscape of sites and memorials including lesser-known stories of resistance, and memorial sites often missed.

On this tour, we examine the transformation of the city of Berlin from the modern home of 1920’s German democracy to Nazi capital and its eventual destruction, and hunt the ghosts of what remains.

What did the majority of Berliners think and do during these 12 years? How does this complex history live on in the physical urban memory of Berlin and Berliner’s minds today?

This tour covers the following sites:

  • The 1945 battlefield at the Reichstag
  • Propaganda Ministry
  • Speers Building Academy
  • Germania world capital sites
  • Triumphal Arch remains
  • Bunkers and tunnels 
  • Anti-aircraft tower remains
  • Reich Chancellery site
  • Hitler’s bunker area
  • Escapes routes from Berlin 1945 and their fates
  • Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe
  • Luftwaffe Air Ministry 
  • Site of SS and Gestapo headquarters and exhibition
  • Anhalter Station Bunker and ruins
  • Templehof Airport
  • 1933 Book Burning Memorial
  • Neue Wache state war memorial 
  • Platform 17 deportation memorial
  • Site of the 1942 Wannsee conference & exhibition
  • T4 Euthanasia memorial
  • Stauffenberg 1944 bomb plot memorial 
  • German resistance museum 
  • Soviet war memorial

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