On this tour, we travel down the picturesque Elbe river valley to Dresden by train and explore amongst urban Dresden’s Baroque masterpieces river. Below new sky line, that of old caught Canaletto’s eye, we enjoy the art and museum collections, at its heart the famous Frauenkirche.

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“Dresden pleased me mightily, and rekindled my desire to contemplate the arts. There is an incredible trove of all types of treasures in this beautiful place” Wolfgang von Goethe 

We head out into the heart of historic Dresden, entering the Frauenkirche and viewing historic old town with the palaces of the Saxon House of Wettin, the Zwinger Palace, its courts and churches along the famous Elbe river promenade, the so-called ‘balcony of Europe’

Dresden is also a symbol of destruction, war and reconciliation – at the new Military Museum, we descend into the darkness of WWII history, a Dresden destroyed, and the controversies that still swirl around the 1945 bombing and how the rebuild commemorates this today.

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