Educational Group Tours Berlin

All the listed Berlin Tours can be tailored for Educational Student groups. I have a great deal of experience in this field.

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A lot of thought goes into the planning of my tours to make sure the experience is worthwhile and safe. Routes, transport and content are all geared to educational student groups.


My tours are fun and entertaining and conducted by a native speaker. This means the students’ attention is kept active and they get the rich educational aspect from their visit. I have children, too, so communication and gaining students’ confidence to engage in discussion is easier.


Education is important and trips abroad are expensive so student groups get an educational discount price.

Teachers, Communication and Support

Let me know your tour plan and study programs and I can tailor the tour just for your trip. You need a bus, airport transfer, walking tour, train tickets, or accommodation? Just drop me a line and contact Nick.

Maybe your Educational Group Tours Berlin visit can look like this?

Arriving and overnighting:

I can arrange reliable, flexible airport transfers and have a wide contact base of affordable accommodation that suits all Educational Groups. Depending on the flight, we can check-in and explore straight after:

Day plan

  • Arrival day – general tour to set the scene, easy walking tour with plenty of time for photos and questions
  • Day Plan Dependent on study program

These are often popular choices for half- or full-day tours:

  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial
  • Third Reich and Cold War Berlin Wall tours, life in the East tours
  • Potsdam city of Emperors
  • Alternative Berlin, subculture graffiti music and art
  • Luther Stadt Wittenberg, home of the reformation

Other things you might want to do that I can help you with:

  • Visit a Bunker
  • Visit East German Stasi jail
  • Visit the DDR life in the east museum
  • River Boat Trip


  • Evening meals at restaurants with the size, choice and prices for educational groups
  • Safe evening activities like bowling, cinema etc.

Peace of mind

I can be called or e-mailed before, during, and after the trip, from start to finish any wrinkles can be ironed out, and during your visit, you can have peace of mind.

Do you have any questions?