Understand the conflict from which our 21st century world grew

Visit all 4 sectors and trace the stories behind the superpower fight for global supremacy in the divided city, and life on both sides of the Berlin Wall.

Learn of the dark arts of Berlin as a ‘city of spies’ and the details behind the symbol of a divided world – The Berlin Wall. 

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We examine the struggle for information during the crucial ideological battles of the 1950’s in the espionage capital of the world. What was life like behind the wall in both east and west? What were the events that led to nationwide uprisings in East Germany in 1953, events that catalyzed the building of the wall in 1961? 

Lies and Lives: What was it like to live under the Orwellian machinery of the infamous East German Stasi? Who were they, what did they hope to achieve, and how? Understand why and how the communist system collapsed in 1989 and what Berliners do feel about that aspect of their past today.

Sites we cover:

  • Site and memorial to the 1953 Uprising
  • Alexanderplatz showcase DDR capital
  • TV tower
  • World Clock
  • Stalin Allee – Europe’s first Showcase communist boulevard
  • The Bernauerstr. Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Sites of escapes / Tunnel escapes
  • Forgotten Berlin Wall guard towers
  • The only Berlin street still divided by the Wall today
  • DDR Ministry for State security Stasi HQ exhibition
  • Head of the Stasi Mielke’s office
  • Original Checkpoint Charlie Building
  • ‘Ghost Stations’ subways under the Wall
  • Allied Museum and Operation Gold Spy Tunnel
  • Exhibitions on the Airlift 1948

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