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Berlin Tours with Nick Jackson are personal, fun, friendly, informative and in English. Get a real insight into Europe’s fastest changing and most dynamic city. Whether it’s a general sightseeing tour of ALL the Berlin highlight sights, or a more specialized theme: I will be exploring Berlin daily and you are welcome to come with me. Drop me a line and let me lead you through forgotten neighbourhoods off the beaten track, and mix it with the locals.

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If you have a specific theme or idea, drop me a line and I can tailor the tour just for you! Choose for the menu, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The Total Berlin tour is the one to start with, designed to give you the best introduction to Berlin.  
  • All subjects can easily be combined in one unique route to suit your interests, so If you have a specific theme or idea I will tailor your tour just for you!
  • The Tours usually last a half day or a full day.  We can of course spread multiple tours over several days to get the most of your visit.  
  • Choose for the menu, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you within 48hrs.

Airport transfers

Berlin’s airports are much closer to interesting parts of Berlin than other capital cities.
If your time is short make the most of it by using my Airport Pick Up and tour service.  I’ll meet you at your arrivals gate and together with your driver and private vehicle we’ll take you on a succinct highlights tour planned to get you to your accommodation / business venue on time, but seeing the best of Berlin on the way.

Berlin Bunkers

Berlin Bunkers The Berlin Bunker tour traces the urban development of Berlin from an underground perspective, Book your tour now: EMAIL ME I can arrange visits to both WWII shelters and Nuclear bunkers from the Cold War as a part of this tour. On this tour we cover Berlin’s subterranean history, from basic infrastructure such as subway […]

Berlin Architectural Tour

Berlin Architecture Tour Berlin has always been modern and there is no better way to trace this than through its architecture. On this tour we explore Berlins two showcase 21st-century-sites, the Government quarter clustered around Lord Fosters new Reichstag, and the corporate centre of Potsdamer Platz. Book your tour now: EMAIL ME Potsdamer Platz is […]

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp – Capital of Terror

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp – Capital of Terror Just north of Berlin lay Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, from 1936 the first purpose-built camp. Book your tour now: EMAIL ME Over 200,000 male (and towards the end of the war) female prisoners were held at Sachsenhausen and its sprawling web of satellite camps before liberation in April 1945. Some […]

Museum Tours

Museum Tours Berlin’s famous Pergamon and New Museum house some of the finest collections of antiquities in the world.  As an archaeologist who excavated in the area where many of these things originate, I can provide the background and context to make these collections spring to life! NB: Currently some of the Pergamon galleries are […]

Jewish Berlin

Jewish Berlin Capital of Brilliance and Tragedy About as long as there’s been a place in recorded history called Berlin there’s been a Jewish community living here. We start in the oldest section of the city, where the 14th Century Jews lived in the ‘Judenhof’ and at adjacent Alexanderplatz. Book your tour now: EMAIL ME Then […]

Potsdam and Palaces – Spiritual Capital of Prussia

Potsdam and Palaces – Spiritual Capital of Prussia Enjoy the magical landscape of parks, palaces and lakes, a Prussian arcadia for the royal family – and venue of the famous conference in 1945.  An architectural landscape like no other, created between the 17th and 19th C. Potsdam is an ensemble of Rococo and Neo Classical […]

Third Reich Berlin – Nazi Capital

Understand Berlin’s most complex history On this tour, we follow themes of the origins of the Nazi regime, the crystallization of the Holocaust from ideas to terrible reality, the experience of Berliners during WWII, focusing on the end battlefield in 1945, and the fate of Hitler and his core enablers. Book your tour now: EMAIL ME Today as […]

Cold War Communist Capital

Understand the conflict from which our 21st century world grew Visit all 4 sectors and trace the stories behind the superpower fight for global supremacy in the divided city, and life on both sides of the Berlin Wall. Learn of the dark arts of Berlin as a ‘city of spies’ and the details behind the […]

Total Berlin – the Walking Tour

Total Berlin – the Walking Tour Your perfect starting point: This tour is the most satisfying Berlin experience, with all the important sites and stories. Of course, we see the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie, and other major highlights, BUT we can comfortably add in the focus theme(s) YOU find most […]

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