Seelow Battle for Berlin 1945

When the battle for Berlin began on April 16th 1945 the largest artillery barrage of history erupted at 3 am local time. The Red Army was 36 miles from the Nazi capital, 14 days later Hitler was dead, and by May 8th WWII in the European theatre was over.

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This full day tour follows the route of the general and his armies that took the Reichstag, one of the greatest military prizes of all time, seeing the Sites of major engagements and the memorials, hearing the stories and visiting the military cemeteries. We cover:

  • Berlin to Seelow ca. 1.5 hrs
  • Seelow Heights museum
  • Fortress at Kustrin
  • Fort Gorgast and the Reitwein spur with Zhukovs OP on the Oderbruch
  • Lebus where the Soviet bridge and ferry stood and where the Feb. bridgehead was established in 1945
  • Sachsendorf
  • Dolgelin and Saumberg where over 700 Soviet tanks were destroyed by German artillery

These tours require private vehicles

Itinerary 2 Battle for Berlin

By April 25th Berlin had been surrounded, the Soviet armies moving in from 13 different major attacking positions. On this tour we follow the battle through the city centre to the Reichstag (where there is a handy brewery and restaurant nearby).

We travel to Olympic stadium area to visit the allied war cemetery (Mike Sinclair of Colditz fame ‘the red fox’ is buried here) and explore where the teenage recruits were trained, and died defending the complex, and where the woodland memorial to SS executions of ‘traitors’ during the fighting stands. Here also was the western breakout of German forces in the last days of fighting.

We travel to Friedrich Str. to follow the story of SS division Nordland’s last stand, the less successful Mohnke break out from Hitler’s chancellery and that of Martin Bormann et al. from Hitler’s bunker and visit the Invaliden Friedhof where Heydrich was buried, and Schmundt – killed in Rastenburg in the July ‘44 Bomb plot. From here we follow the routes of Zhukov’s army to the Spree River, and the details of the 3-day-battle for the Reichstag.

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