Leipzig City of Heroes

In Berlin you can hear about the momentous events of 1989 that brought down Communism in East Germany and opened the Berlin wall but Leipzig, an hour from Berlin, is where those events began.
One time home of Goethe, Bach and Mahler we can visit the cellar where Goethe’s Faust met the Devil, the church were Bach played, and trace the demonstration movement that began the end of the Cold War.
We shall visit the old town square with its amazing town hall and museum and the East German Stasi Headquarters at the exhibition the Runde Eck (lit. Rounded Corner) before heading back to Berlin.
Your day in Leipzig also gives you a perspective on former east German towns and how they feel today as important social and political battlegrounds for Germany and Europe as a whole.
This tour involves ICE high speed train travel (Dur. 1.10hr). Your tickets and reserved seating included

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