Fun, flexible, rewarding and reliable.

Why? Because your Berlin Shore excursion with Nick is a great idea.

My Berlin shore excursion means you do what you want to do, when and how you want to do it.

Save time and money, avoid large, slow groups, and see more Berlin with your own personalized itinerary.

Send me your cruise dates port ship name and timings and I’ll do the rest!


Book your tour now:

The Berlin shore excursion works like this

This a ship to ship service. We will pick you and set off as soon as you arrive on shore, and get you back to the ship comfortably for departure. 

Your driver and private vehicle will meet you and transfer you swiftly to Berlin where you meet your guide (me). 

You will have your guide driver and vehicle all day – from ship to ship.

You’ll arrive ahead of other groups, and with our flexibility you stay ahead of the pack and see more all day before returning to your port. 

Using the ship transport offer?

No problem – take the ship transport and I will meet you when you arrive in Berlin and after our tour deliver you to your departure point too!

My Shore excursion is the best way to see Berlin

We can drive to see all the sites, but also get out whenever we want to explore, walk the streets and rub shoulders with the locals, so you get the best ‘in Berlin’ time available.

Your Shore excursion can look like this: 


This will be your day- so can dictate what you see and when.

Travel time is ca. 2.5hrs each way including a short break for your comfort.

On arrival, we tour all the major highlight sites, the historic center of Berlin is smallish. 

Then after a quick lunch we can explore themes in more depth, or shop or visit a museum, whatever you want!

What do we cover?

The vehicle tour sees ALL the highlight sites and photo ops sites Berlin has to offer: 

We start right away in the heart of the former west Berlin at the famous palace Schloss Charlottenburg palace, here we can get overview of Berlin’s history to set a framework for the rest of the day.

We then move through the famous Tiergarten Park, seeing the Victory Column that signified the unification wars that created the modern Germany in 1871.

We explore the area around the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of division and now unity and the new diplomatic quarter around the famous Reichstag parliament.

We can follow the line marking the former course of the Berlin Wall

We get out (only if you want) to visit the adjacent Holocaust Memorial on foot, pass the gleaming new corporate architectural showcase Potsdamerplatz, stand above the site of Hitler’s bunker (I was involved in the creation of the information board here) and see the former political heart of the Nazi capital (the Propaganda ministry and the Air Ministry still stand).

We can see a surviving stretch of the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie, scene of escapes, and move through the historic city center with the central street Unter den Linden with its beautiful squares Gendarmenmarkt and Bebelplatz, here is Einstein’s university, the opera house, and the impressive memorial to the Nazi book burning.

Then on to Museum Island, the site of the former royal palace, the cathedral, and the famous museums.  Here the last, dramatic demonstrations took place that opened the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

We also pass through the heart of Communist east Berlin, through Alexanderplatz with the TV tower and along Stalin Allee, a Socialist showcase, to see the largest section of the Berlin Wall – the famous East Side Gallery

Depending on interest the Jewish quarter can also be explored, it has many stories and memorials to the brilliant and often tragic past and present of Berlin’s Jewish community. 

Something special you want to see?

If there is something special you would like to visit in the afternoon just let me know.  Perhaps a quick visit to the Jewish Museum, or New Museum to see Nefertiti?

Just let me know.

Do you have any questions?