Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp – Capital of Terror

Just north of Berlin lay Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, from 1936 the first purpose-built camp.

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Over 200,000 male (and towards the end of the war) female prisoners were held at Sachsenhausen and its sprawling web of satellite camps before liberation in April 1945. Some 50,000 prisoners did not survive the experience. 

This camp and its exhibitions allow us to iron out any wrinkles of sensationalism surrounding the Camps. It allows us to understand the framework of the Nazi Camp system as a whole, the details and stories of various prisoners and their suffering, from Political prisoners and European royalty to anti-Nazi resistance heroes and Allied POWs.

Additionally, Sachsenhausen housed the Concentration Camp ‘Inspectorate’ a body controlling and administering the entire system (including Auschwitz). Murderous events and trials at Sachsenhausen would contribute to the organic process that led to the deaths of millions. Staff trained at Sachsenhausen would go on to perpetrate and oversee some of the worst Holocaust crimes. 

Not an easy tour, but important. I am an official Memorial Guide.

This tour covers the following sites:

  • Commandants House
  • Industrial Yard
  • Guard tower A and exhibition
  • Troop training Camp
  • Registration Yard
  • Jewish barracks and exhibition 
  • Gestapo Cell Block
  • Main Kitchen Exhibition Prisoners and Daily life
  • Station Z Killing Area and Crematorium
  • Hospital Block 

This is a full day tour. Reaching this location involves travel ca. 45 mins each way.

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