Around Berlin

Did you know that Dresden, Hamburg or Leipzig are only a couple of hours away on a train from Berlin? Or that you could be standing in famous Colditz castle in 3 hrs easy train ride from Berlin, or on the shore of the Baltic sea?

Choose from tours around Berlin and get the most from your visit:

Less than 2 hours away is Lutherstadt Wittenberg, where the Reformation began in 1517. Visit Luthers house and church and much more in the little town on the Elbe river, a great tour around Berlin. At Zossen are the former bunker complexes of German army high command during WWII. Just outside Berlin, they were used by Soviet forces after the war. Tours around Berlin use the regions excellent and affordable train service. The more folks you travel with, the cheaper it becomes! Double decker trains are air-conditioned and provide great views as they cruise through the countryside. Another option is to take the ICE fast train – and they are fast – allowing even more time in your chosen tour around Berlin destination.


Colditz Visit the legendary WWII POW castle camp that caught the world’s imagination and produced 72 films books and a TV series! The camp of the Allied ‘bad boy’ officers saw the most skilful and daring escapes from the ‘escape proof camp’. Book your tour now: EMAIL ME We travel on the train via the […]

Seelow Battle for Berlin 1945

Seelow Battle for Berlin 1945 When the battle for Berlin began on April 16th 1945 the largest artillery barrage of history erupted at 3 am local time. The Red Army was 36 miles from the Nazi capital, 14 days later Hitler was dead, and by May 8th WWII in the European theatre was over. Book […]

Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Memorial

Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Memorial Ravensbruck was the women’s and children’s concentration camp built in 1939. It became a place of terror, and like others a source of labour for German industry, here Siemens built a large camp to exploit the unfortunates. By 1944 equipped with a gas chamber, thousands died here in the last months […]

Zossen Bunkers

Zossen Bunkers Code named ‘Zeppelin’ the Wunsdorf/Zossen bunker complex was built from 1937 to house the high command of the German Army during WWII. Here the Polish campaign was coordinated. It remained the heart of the German War machine, communicating decisions and orders to all fronts and campaigns including Stalingrad until it was taken in […]

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Lutherstadt Wittenberg There are many cases where Berlin can say it changed the world, but under one hour outside the city is a small place on the Elbe river, rarely visited, that can truly make that claim, Wittenberg, city of Martin Luther and the Reformation. This tour involves ICE high speed train travel (dur. 50 […]

Leipzig City of Heroes

Leipzig City of Heroes In Berlin you can hear about the momentous events of 1989 that brought down Communism in East Germany and opened the Berlin wall but Leipzig, an hour from Berlin, is where those events began.One time home of Goethe, Bach and Mahler we can visit the cellar where Goethe’s Faust met the […]


Dresden On this tour, we travel down the picturesque Elbe river valley to Dresden by train and explore amongst urban Dresden’s Baroque masterpieces river. Below new sky line, that of old caught Canaletto’s eye, we enjoy the art and museum collections, at its heart the famous Frauenkirche. Book your tour now: EMAIL ME We head out […]

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