Jewish Berlin Capital of Brilliance and Tragedy

About as long as there’s been a place in recorded history called Berlin there’s been a Jewish community living here. We start in the oldest section of the city, where the 14th Century Jews lived in the ‘Judenhof’ and at adjacent Alexanderplatz.

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Then we move into the ‘Barn Quarter’ where the ’new’ Viennese community was settled in the 1660s, now one of the most fashionable areas in Berlin today. We trace the stories in relatively tolerant Prussia, and the contribution of the leading members of the Jewish community made to the city and German Jewry. It was in Berlin that both Mendelssohn and Geiger lived and worked, and where Reform Judaism was born. 

Here we see the site of the first official synagogue, the scene of the unique anti-deportation women’s protest during the dark years of the Holocaust in 1943, a pinprick of light in a vast darkness.

Trace the story of Berlin’s ‘Schindler’ Otto Weidt, and discover the many memorials to the fate of the community during WWII.


  • 18th C. Ephraim house
  • Lessing and Moses Mendelssohn house sites
  • New Synagogue
  • Jewish Museum
  • Orthodox Synagogue
  • Jewish Girls school 
  • Boys school 
  • Site of deportation the Seniors Home
  • Otto Weidt’s Factory exhibition 
  • Oldest cemetery 
  • Moses Mendelssohn’s grave
  • Empty House memorial
  • Empty Chair memorial
  • Tacheles department store
  • Stolpersteine memorials
  • Platform 17 deportation memorial 
  • Weissensee Cemetery

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