Visit the legendary WWII POW castle camp that caught the world’s imagination and produced 72 films books and a TV series! The camp of the Allied ‘bad boy’ officers saw the most skillful and daring escapes for the ‘escape proof camp’.

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We travel on the train via the former East German town of Leipzig in the state of Saxony. It was here the demonstration movement began that led to the collapse of East Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall, arriving in the valley of the Mulde river. On a river bend, the Colditz castle has sat for nearly 1,000 years. As the Nazi regime came to power, Colditz was briefly a concentration camp for political prisoners. As the war broke out it was a prisoner of war camp before becoming a ‘special officers’ camp in 1940. British, French, Dutch and Polish problem prisoners were kept here after escaping from ‘normal’ camps. Colditz also held hostage prisoners, relatives of the British royal family, of Winston Churchill and Europe’s political and royal elites.

We visit the 17th C town centre, and tour the castle seeing

  • the Chapel and the French tunnel,
  • the Theatre made famous by former British MP Airey Neave’s escape,
  • the cellars,
  • the canteen
  • Glider Attic
  • and the park where most of the successful ‘home run’ escapes started.

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